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IC650 Battery Charger | 650W Specifications

Specifications Drawing Ic650
DC Output24 VDC36 VDC48 VDC
Maximum DC output power650 W650 W650 W
Maximum DC output current27.1 A18.1 A13.5 A
AC Input   
AC input voltage range85-270 VAC
AC input frequency50 / 60 Hz
Mechanical Design   
Dimensions25.2 x18.6 x 8.0 cm9.9 x 7.3 x 3.1″
Weight< 3 kg< 6.5 lbs
AC input connectorIEC320/C14 with country-specific cord
DC output connectorM6 threaded fasteners for ring terminals
Ingress protection ratingIP66 (NEMA4)
Battery TypeDelta-Q has more than 200 commercialized charge profiles, covering many manufacturers, models and chemistries of lead acid batteries (flooded/wet, and sealed AGM and gel) and lithium batteries.

 For full specifications, please download the IC650 Battery Charger | 650W Specification Sheet

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Designed for Reliability

Watch the extreme (and funny) reliability tests

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Delta-Q IC Series chargers are designed to provide automotive-level product reliability and validated for a long service life in difficult conditions. All Delta-Q chargers are built in a world-class facility for manufacturing high-reliability solutions.

Easy to integrate

Optional CAN bus communication enables a link between the IC650 and other components. This can provide for safe lithium-ion battery charging, and machine diagnostics and servicing information. IC Series chargers store charge cycle data, which is accessible using their built-in USB host port. The port can also support software and charge profile updates.

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Global Flexibility 02

Global flexibility

The IC650 Charger has a broad AC input range of 85-270V, enabling global use on any single-phase electrical grid. Wide regulatory approvals allow the IC650’s use in electric vehicles and industrial equipment sold internationally. All IC Series chargers have customizable AC and DC cabling, providing simpler SKU management and tailoring charger integration to customer demand. 

Battery charging performance

In its extensive battery lab, Delta-Q has developed more than 200 charge profiles for lead acid (wet/flooded, AGM, gel) and lithium batteries. New profiles can be developed for manufacturers as part of the design-in process. The company has a proven track record of balancing charging time, performance and longevity, and application needs.

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Software and accessories

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